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Pima    cotton    is    perfect    for    all    seasons.    This    beautiful cotton   will   knit   to   most   DK   patterns   so   it's   very   versatile to design anything from a sweater to baby garments. The   Pima   cotton   is   grown   in   the   north   coast   of   Peru.   It   is   a very   thin   fiber,   classified   within   the   best   extra   long   staples (ELS)   of   the   world.   The   yarn   produced   with   this   fiber   is very   lustrous   and   soft,   it   is   possible   to   obtain   very   fine counts from it. Peru's   Pima   Cotton,   is   considered   to   be   the   best   in   the world    along    with    the    Tanguis    which    is    also    one    of    the most valued.
100 % PIMA COTTON COMBED 50g. 169m. 185yds. Gauge 10x10cm Needle 4 22sts x 34row Crochet 3.25mm
85% TANGUIS AND 15% BABY ALPACA Tanguis     (tan-gwiss)     cotton     is     a     Peruvian     cotton which   is   very   soft,   durable,   excellent   absorption   and environmentally    friendly    as    it    needs    less    water    to grow than other varieties. The   Tangüis   cotton   is   grown   in   the   central   coast   of Peru,   it   has   a   uniform   long   staple   fiber   that   produces a   yarn   of   great   regularity.   Tangüis   Peruvian   Cotton   is one of the top ranked in the world. Peruvian   cotton   in   itself   is   very   valuable.   The   specific climate    and    soil    conditions    make    Peruvian    cotton seeds   yield   the   longest   stems   in   the   world,   which coupled    with    perfect    balance    between    resistance and   fineness   make   for   some   of   the   best   regarded materials in the textile industry. Our     baby     Alpaca     yarn     comes     directly     from     the alpacas   living   on   the   highlands   of   Peru   at   an   altitude of      more      than      4,000      meters.      Its      softness      is irresistible,    becoming    one    of    the    most    exclusive yarns in the world. The   filaments   in   alpaca   wool   are   3   times   stronger and    have    an    insulating    capacity    7    times    that    of ordinary   lambs   wool.   Creates   very   warm   and   cosy garments,   but   lighter   than   wool   to   wear.   Very   easy to handle and a lovely yarn to knit with.
85% TANGUIS COTTON 15% BABY ALPACA 50g. 153m. 167yds. Gauge 10x10cm Needle 3 24sts x 32row Crochet 2.75mm