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I   am   a   full   time   mom   with   2   kids,   9   years   apart   from   each   other!   We   are   a   family   of   immigrants   who   came   to   this   amazing country   looking   for   a   better   future.   I   worked   14   years   in   the   Aviation   and   Aerospace   Industries   back   home   (Central America)   and   Winnipeg   MB   where   we   first   landed.   We   moved   to   Calgary   in   August   2015   running   away   from   Winterpeg Manisnowa   lol.   We   had   heard   about   all   the   prosperity   and   good   weather   of   this   city.   So   I   resigned   from   my   job   and   the day   after   my   last   day   of   work   I   realized   I   was   pregnant!   Well,   we   knew   things   weren’t   going   to   be   easy   especially   since we   came   without   a   job   and   during   the   oil   crisis.   We   have   faith   that   our   decision   was   the   right   one   and   we   haven’t regretted it. After   having   my   son,   I   decided   to   stay   home   and   take   care   of   him.   And   I   started   thinking   about   creating   my   own company   because   I’ve   always   wanted   to   have   one   since   I   was   a   teenager.   Then,   I   said   to   myself   “I   have   a   bachelor   in Business   Administration   and   I   have   all   the   capabilities,   so   what   am   I   waiting   for?”   My   first   step   was   to   find   local resources   to   help   me   learn   how   to   do   business   in   Canada.   And   I   found   Momentum,   an   organization   which   helped   me develop   a   comprehensive   business   plan   to   launch   a   business.   I   graduated   from   the   self-employment   program   in   March 2018. And   maybe   you   are   asking…why   YARNLAND?   Well,   I   decided   to   work   with   YARN   after   a   talk   with   my   husband.   He remembered   a   conversation   with   his   auntie   where   she   said   to   him   “Why   you   don’t   sell   yarn   in   Canada?”   His   Auntie   is   the representative   in   Central   America   for   a   well-known   Peruvian   Yarn   Company,   for   whom   she   has   been   importing   and distributing   yarn   for   7   years.   Coincidently,   my   auntie,   who   taught   me   to   knit   when   I   was   a   teen,   also   buys   this   same   yarn for her projects and always told me how lovely and good quality it was. So, I really know the quality of this yarn!! Armed   with   the   knowledge   of   the   product   and   the   reputation   of   the   company   which   sells   in   3   continents,   I   decided   to complete   my   market   research.   I   can   say   it   was   very   exciting   to   find   out   how   Calgarians   and   Canadians   love   to   knit   and crochet.   I   found   clubs,   yarn   stores   and   local   fairs!   I   realized   I   could   contribute   to   the   knitter’s   community   by   providing outstanding   quality   Peruvian   yarn.   My   Business   Plan   is   now   a   reality!   And   the   best   of   all   is   that   my   family   has   supported me:   my   11   year   old   daughter   is   learning   how   to   crochet   and   my   husband   is   helping   me   with   marketing.   So,   Yarnland   is   a true family run business.  I   am   so   proud   to   provide   this   very   high   quality   natural   yarn   direct   from   Peru   where   the   Alpacas   that   grow   this   fleece   live at   an   altitude   of   more   than   4000   metres.   The   yarn   produced   from   this   fleece   is   truly   one   of   the   most   exclusive   yarns   in the   world.   I   am   also   proud   to   provide   100%   Pima   Cotton   and   Tanguis   Cotton   both   being   considered   to   be   the   best   cotton in the world. Welcome to YARNLAND!!!!  
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